Omkar Box Packing Industry and Trade Ltd.Co. was founded in 2003. Every dimension and quality of the corrugated cardboard box, package, partition, separator, specially designed block cut box production and C wave Roll Perm Production are made in our facility founded on 3500 square meter closed area in Izmir Gaziemir district Sarnic town. And we have package materials sale together with the production of these products. We gathered the package materials, the sale of which are made by us, under main titles of the packing tape, strech, circle, angle iron, polyethylene mattress styrofoam products, balloon nylon, straight nylon, pochette nylon, locked pochette, styrofoam, 70*100 cardboard. The package products show variety between themselves. This variety is within our stocks and sale is realized.

Omkar Box Packing Industry and Trade Ltd.Co. has followed developments in the sector closely since 2003, aimed to use new technologies for the production and aimed to keep the customer satisfaction in the foreground.

The biggest capital of Omkar Box Packing Industry and Trade Ltd. Co. is customers satisfied by us. The other biggest capital is smiling employees spending effort for the sector.


To be an organization

  • Providing absolute customer satisfaction,
  • Giving reliable service,
  • Protecting high quality,
  • Using advanced technologies,
  • Being realistic, producing projects sensitive to human and environment and being supportive,
  • Having a strong fiscal structure,
  • Having smiling employees and a contemporary management.
  • To contribute to Turkey’s economy
  • To form new employment areas
  • To produce qualified things and deliver them in time
  • To use advanced technologies for our production techniques
  • To follow developments in the sector closely
  • To provide 100% customer satisfaction by providing the quality and low cost understanding towards the customer,
  • To determine the quality and box styles used in the production and to protect the product in the best way by taking account of wishes of customers
  • To deliver our products in time
  • To give only customer feeling to every customer of us