Slotted cardboard is acquired by sticking curled paper between two cardboards. Curled paper which works as a column in vertical usage, and as a belt in horizontal usage, is the feature that provides endurance to slotted cardboard.

Besides its endurance, its tendency for being easily cut and folded as well as its being imprintable make slotted cardboard an ideal equipment.

The first slotted equipment was used by Edward G. Healy and Edward E. Allen at the interior side of the hats in England and patented in 1856. Not until 1871 when American Albert L. Jones had used curled paper he sticked to a paper for glass bottle protection, then “slotted” material started to be used other than in the hats of Englishmen. Today’s first slotted cardboard machine production system was produced by Samuel Langston in 1908. Since first slotted carton was produced as post parcels in America, now standard containers are called “American Container.”

After 83 years from its first production, slotted cardboard was produced in our country by SEKA in Ýzmit. According to OMÜD 717.794 tonne slotted cardboard were produced in 2000 and 6666 people were employed. Per head slotted cardboard consumption in Turkey is roughly 11 kilogramme. Turkey is in the sixth place in slotted cardboard production in Europe after Germany, France, Italy, England, and Spain.